About US

The Bannister Group is built upon the passion of our clients and expertise of our team, creating long-term relationships and phenomenal success.

Roger Bannister, the inspiration behind the Bannister Group, set himself an almighty goal in conquering the sub-four-minute-mile and in turn, redefined what the world thought an individual could achieve. Bannister then continued to strive for greatness becoming a distinguished neurologist and renowned academic.  He inspired a generation to aspire to more and to conquer the impossible through a diverse range of achievements. It is this spirit of determination that drives us at the Bannister Group to give the best service to our clients and to help them achieve goals beyond their expectations.

We provide an extensive, multifaceted range of interlinked financial services specifically designed to assist you in expanding your portfolio, thus creating a legacy and protecting your wealth all in one place. Why walk when you can win? Our comprehensive advisory and consultation services offer tailored solutions to assist you in developing:

Your private equity through mergers, acquisitions and management consulting at
Bannister Capital

Prolonged financial stability through effective estate planning that is unique to your needs with
Bannister Trust

A property-investment portfolio with unique opportunities through our established network at
Bannister Properties

Efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective payroll solutions with
Bannister Payroll

Our founder, Stuart Mackay-Davidson, has 25 years of experience within the corporate financial environment, developing an integral understanding of the diverse range of interests we guard. His passion is the driving force at the Bannister Group as we promote our clients wealth through trusted, mutually beneficial relationships. We strive for your success.

Based on our years of industry expertise and business understanding, we will assist you in maximising the efficiency of your portfolio. We will not only guide you in business decisions and planning, but also strive to find the best possible path for the most successful outcome.