Bannister Capital

Bannister Capital is a holistic advisory service with a focused speciality in raising private equity through our well-established business network. We specialise in mergers, acquisitions and management consulting to promote your wealth. We strive for your success.

Our team has decades of experience in a diverse portfolio of corporate spheres and industry sectors, enabling us to tailor your development according to your dreams through a comprehensive consultation service.

Since our inception, we have initiated and managed numerous mergers, acquisitions and private equity transactions both locally and with international corporations. Bannister Capital has been closely involved in brokering the sale of various significant entities. Under our guidance, we have assisted many of our treasured clients in extending their horizons and seizing their dreams.

Contact us to gain access to an exclusive team of professionals with years of entrepreneurial expertise. Whether you need confidential advice for local markets or those abroad, our background in the corporate finance industry over the last twenty years ensures that our clients benefit from the best possible outcome.