Bannister Properties

Bannister Properties is a boutique property investment firm as multifaceted as it is driven. At its foundation, the firm is strengthened by a comprehensive knowledge of the industry upon which we have built long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by investing in commercial and industrial property.

Our widespread knowledge of this sector extends to the effective tax structuring of property deals, which we are able to utilise to your best interests and therefore enhance your long-term wealth prospects. We strive to advise our clients throughout our close network on potential property investment and development opportunities, often co-investing ourselves. Our ability to co-invest affords some clients the unique opportunity to invest in projects larger than they imagined, resulting in greater benefits and better rewards.

Our ample portfolio of properties encompasses primarily commercial and industrial property, with a small residential property component. We are currently involved in various joint ventures relating to commercial property with several long-term clients.

We undertake to create and find exceptional investment opportunities. Contact us to enlarge and enrich your estate. Our success is your success.